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I'm a huge believer in quick phone calls over multiple drawn out emails that don't give you the exact information you needYou have a wedding to plan, so let's save you some time by connecting through a 10-15 minute call to ensure my availability and learn about your vision for your beautiful wedding day or dream up engagement session ideas!! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will I receive in my gallery?

For engagement session you'll receive anywhere from 50-100 stunning images. 
For wedding photography, you'll receive anywhere from 75-100 images per hour of coverage. I deliver a quality gallery full of variety ranging from photos that show off the gorgeous nature landscapes with you both as the focal point all the way to the small, sweet, intricate details that make up your beautiful wedding day!! 

What is your editing style? 

I would say my editing style is natural & clean with a bit of whimsical added to create a aura of romance!! I love true colors and want your beautiful wedding color choices to be represented authentically in a timeless way. I consider my image to be bright and clean.

Are you available on Sundays?

We've chosen Sundays as the day we reserve for our family time, worshipping and serving in our church with our church family. So no, we do not offer any photography services on Sundays. 

How far in advance should I book? 

Since wedding days book up quickly, and we only take 25 a year, I would recommend reaching out as soon as you know your date!!! We typically book a year out, but definitely reach out, we may just have your date available!! 

Do you offer prints or albums?

It is my absolute JOY to offer album design for our couples!! I'm a graphic designer, and LOVE putting together a gorgeous heirloom album for you to gush over for years to come with your loved ones!! We also offer quality, breath-taking prints and canvases for you to adorn your home with your treasured memories!! 

Will you be photographing our wedding, or will it be someone else?

Our company only offers MYSELF as the lead photographer. So you're stuck with me. ;) I know how important it is for you to work with the photographer you ACTUALLY HIRED, and I am honored to be the one to photograph your beautiful wedding day and experience it all together with you!

How many weddings have you photographed?

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Trusting your photographer to know how to handle all kinds of situations that may arise is essential. 
That being said, I've photographed over 200 weddings since 2017 - I've learned SO much practical wedding experience and I LOVE and thrive on the energy of a wedding day! 

Do you carry insurance? 

ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!! I have proof of insurance for your venue and am a part of the Professional Photographers Association for additional coverage!! 
Most venues will require that your wedding photographer show proof of insurance before working at their venue. Ensure that they can show proof of insurance before booking their services. 

Do you bring backup equipment with you?

YESS! I always work with AT LEAST one extra camera on hand, many additional lens, batteries, lighting, flashes, etc. I believe in have many backup systems, because you're entrusting your memories to me, and I DO NOT take that responsibility lightly!! 
Unfortunately, accidents happen, like a camera refusing to work or a lens falling and breaking. Make sure your photographer is thinking ahead responsibly and carrying backup equipment just in case! 

Will you have a professional second photographer or assistant?

You're in luck!! We have the dream team - because we can literally read each other's minds!! My wonderful and talented hubby is my second shooter on the weekends, and on weekdays I have a wonderful group of second shooter ladies that are SO AMAZING!! 
Any second photographer that I bring with me will be SKILLED and know their way around their camera!! 
First, if you're looking to capture more angles/variety of moments and have photographers in two different places at the same time, make sure that the second shooter you're getting is around the same professional standard that your original photographer is. Second shooters are a great help to stay on time, capture reactions, and more angles!! They're great to have on your wedding day. Assistants are very helpful as well but don't expect as much quality in photographs! 

Can we meet in person before booking your services?

I would be thrilled to meet before you book with me!! I almost ALWAYS have at least a zoom call so we can meet face to face and ensure we are the PERFECT fit for each other!! I love connecting, getting to know you both as individuals and hear what's REALLY Important to you on your wedding day!! 
It is vital to make sure you vibe and connect well with the person who will be capturing your once-in-a-lifetime memories!! I mean, you will be spending the entirety of your wedding day with them by your side! 

Are you able of capturing our photos professionally at night? 

Absolutely!! Every wedding day we arrive with our lighting gear that will allow me to capture your reception and dark locations in a beautiful way. You'll never even know it was pitch black outside!! :) I'd be HAPPY to show you some galleries to show off our lighting skills!! ;) 
Almost every wedding goes well into the night, and if that isn't the case, many receptions are held in a darker atmosphere. It is vital to make sure your photographer has the knowledge to light and photograph in such circumstances. Ask to see some reception images that were captured in such scenarios. I would check to ensure your skintones are still beautifully lit!

Will I have printing rights to my wedding photos?

I treat your images the way I'd want MY wedding day photos to be treated. I give you all printing rights, so you can print at your own convenience OR you can choose to print through our professional services to ensure top-notch quality!! I do retain the copyright, which simply means the photos aren't released to be edited, only printed. 
This is a critical question to ask before booking your wedding photographer, as you'll want to know if you can print, share and display your images as you wish! Some photographers may retain the printing rights to your images, meaning you'll have to purchase additional rights to download and print them apart from their services.

What will you do if it rains on my wedding day?

I always show up with a backup plan for portraits, even if it's indoors. I definitely suggest having clear, cute umbrellas in case of rain so you can still have cute bride and groom portraits! I am always willing to embrace the rain situation and get creative! I offer another photo session after your wedding day in your wedding clothes - should you decide you'd like more portraits without the rainy weather. 

What if a tragedy happens and you can't photograph my wedding?

I am thankful to say that we have a very close knit photography community and I would be able to rely on MANY friend-tographers that would jump in and take over the wedding day, capturing it to my level of professionalism!! God forbid anything happens, but we have you covered!
This is crucial, especially in Covid times. Be sure your photographer will ensure a professional to photograph in their place in case they cannot make it due to health or circumstantial reasons. 


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